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3 days dog sledding adventure | Beito Husky Tours
Dog sledding adventure Norway | Beito Husky Tours
Sled dogs | Beito Husky Tours
Nybu cabin in  Heimdalen, Huldreheimen, Norway | Beito Husky Tours
Best dog sledding adventure in Norway | Beito Husky Tours
Happy and friendly huskies | Beito Husky Tours
Dog sledding experience in the Langsua National Park | Beito Husky Tours

3 days dog sledding adventure in Norway

Overnight dog sledding adventure in one of the best dog sledding areas in Norway. Right between the Langsua and Jotunheimen National Park in the heart of the Norwegian mountains.

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Scheduled tours 2020/21: 18 - 20 December / 18 - 20 Jan / 1 - 3 Feb / 3 - 5 Mar / 9 - 11 Mar (FULL) *other departures on request*
  • Adult: 9.750,- NOK

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Tour Program


Take part in a genuine winter adventure in Norway. Discover breath-taking landscapes from behind your own dog sled. 

Learn to "mush" your own team of huskies and become an expert in dog sledding.

Interact with your own team of sled dogs. Learn more about these extraordinary animals, take good care of your own pack and they´ll reward you with their unconditional affection.


Tour Description

Day 1

The adventure starts in the morning at the Beito Husky Camp for a full day training experience. Follow us on the daily husky camp chores. Learn how we run our husky farm. We´ll do an equipment check and preparations before setting off for a full day dog sledding tour. The terrain is a combination of deep forest, vast open wetlands, hills and frozen lake crossings. You´ll become and experienced musher already day one! Accommodation in private wilderness cabin at our camp. 

Day 2

After the first day´s intensive dog sledding course, the adventure continues. We are already done with all the packing and preparations so we´ll be able to enjoy the coming days to the fullest. Safety gear and equipment for an overnight in the mountains of Norway is always with us. We have a short drive to where the roads end and wilderness takes over. Once we set off there is nothing but wilderness until we arrive at our accommodation point. Depending on the final route choice we will be spending the night in a charming cottage, mountain hut or expedition tent-camp.

Normally we´ll be starting our tour from Garli, close to Beitostølen. From there we´ll travel towards the lake Vinstervann and across it to reach Skreddalen valley. If the weather Gods are on our side, we will have a breathtaking view over Jotunheimen National Park.

After a full day dog sledding, we´ll arrive at our place for the night. Everybody takes an active part in the routines. First of all, our four legged heroes. These hardworking and devoted animals deserves our full attention. Good caretaking of your team is essential, placing them on stakeout-lines and making sure they get proper food, hydration and rest.

Afterwards the cabin is to be heated, firewood to be carried and dinner to be cooked. Evening time is cozy time, shared in the light from candles and the open fireplace. 

Day 3

We´ll continue along the nature reservoir of the Langsua National Park. In the horizon we´ll see the magestic Skaget mountain, the highest peak of the Langsua NP with it´s 1.686 mts. We´ll get back to the Husky Camp in the afternoon. Now it´s time to place the dogs back in their houses and take a final farewell.


We reccomend

It´s a good idea to spend the night before the tour in the area. Then you´ll be fresh and ready to start the adventure on day 1. Check availability at our Wilderness Camp or,  if you prefer higher standard accommoadtion in Beitostølen area. Feel free to contact us for advice!

In our blog, you can find more practical information and tips before coming on a dog sledding adventure

What to bring


As for all winter adventures, it´s important to dress appropriately to match the norwegian winter weather conditions.

Check out our advices on How to dress and Personal equipment on expedition tours

Feel free to bring any extra snacks and refreshments.

Who can join


Previous experience not needed for joining this tour.

All you need to join this tour is a good physical condition, a taste for adventure and disposition to learn new skills and working as a part of a team. 

Pregnant women cannot participate on any dogsledding tour arranged by Beito Husky Tours.


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