Personal Equipment on Expedition Tours

April, 24, 2018 | All about sled dogs

We have experienced that guests tend to over pack for these tours. That is not favourable for the dogs, which are the ones having to pull all that stuff.

Prior to the adventure tour start we will check all equipment intended to be packed onto the sled. This is to ensure that nothing is forgotten, but as well to check that we do not carry any extra unnecessary weight. All these personal equipment is not provided by BHT.

You will be provided with a waterproof «duffle bag» of 50 ltrs intended for your personal belongings. This bag is the exact right size to fit into your sled. Add to that sleeping mattress, reindeer skin and sleeping bag, some camp equipment and your sled is full!

  • Sleeping mattress (width: max. 60 cm) (can be rented here)
  • Under Wear
  • 1 Set of under-shirt and long johns (preferable wool, or other thermo material)
  • 1 pair of thicker longjohns (wool or fleece)
  • 2 thin sweaters (wool or fleece)
  • 1 or two thick sweaters (wool or fleece)
  • 4 pairs of woolen socks  or other thermo material
  • 1 pair of windbreaking pants (breathing material!) (optional! You don’t need to purchase it for this purpose, since you can use our thermal suit)
  • Windbreaker jacket with hood (optional! You don’t need to purchase it for this purpose, since you can use our thermal suit)
  • Down jacket or west for those really cold days, and evenings/breaks (optional)
  • 1 pair of thick windbreaker gloves (not finger gloves!)
  • 1 pair of fingergloves
  • 1 scarf/tube
  • 1 pair of light runners (shoes) or similar
  • Winter hat (windproof)
  • Sunglasses and skiing goggles with UV filter
  • Sun screen
  • Torch or headlight with extra batteries
  • Camera with extra batteries
  • Earplug for a silent night
  • Water bottle
  • Personal Hygienic items (such as, but not only, toothbrush, medicines, contactless liquid, tampons, hygienic paper, etc.)

Please notice that this list is intended as an orientation, and it’s not an exclusive list. Feel free to add any other personal belonging you consider necessary or contact us if you are not sure.


Equipment provided by BHT

Expedition equipment:  Tent, paraffin kitchens, spade, maps, compass and cartography.
All dog driving equipment: Harnesses, sledges, lines, first aid kit, chains and food for the dogs.
Safety equipment: First Aid Equipment, emergency camping equipment

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