How to dress properly for Norwegian winter

April, 12, 2018 | Travel in Norway

Dog driving is a sport where the level of physical activity varies a lot. Sometimes the dogs will need assistance from the driver(s), by kicking or even pushing the sled up steeper parts of the trail. In order to get the best out of the experience, we recommend you to follow these advices about clothing:

  • Inner layer: Use a breathable material. We recommend wool or fleece. (Never cotton!)
  • Then, a thicker layer.
  • Finally, a layer of windproof material. (when mild weather conditions even waterproof)
  • Woolen sock, preferably two pairs.
  • Use warm winter boots. The boots shouldn’t be tight, as the warm air between your feet and the boot material is the key to keep your feet warm!
  • Use quality warm and windproof hat and mittens (warmer that finger gloves).
  • Snow goggles


Worried about clothing?

If you would dream about joining one of our trips, but you are afraid of the costs that come with all the necessary equipment and clothing - don't worry! Winter clothing (outer layer) and thermo boots are available free for our guests!

If you want us to fix a set of inner layer clothing, we will arrange that for you! Just let us know when you book your trip! In cooperation with SPORTEN Beitostølen, we can give you a special offer with a 10% off in normal prices. Just let us know your size (XS, S, M, L, XL), and we will have it ready here for you upon arrival!


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