Loke's Day Out -Musher for a day-

Day Activities Winter

  • November - May
  • 5-6 hrs.
  • Medium
Dog sledding day trip adventure in Norway | Beito Husky Tours
Hands-on dog sledding experience led by professional guides | Beito Husky Tours
Real mushing experience in Norway | Beito Husky Tours
Sled dog | Beito Husky Tours
Be a musher for a day | Beito Husky Tours
Dog sledding at the feet of the Jotunheimen National Park | Beito Husky Tours

Full day guided dog sledding adventure in Norway

Experience being a Musher for a day. Get to know how to take good care of your pack of huskies and learn to steer the sled dogs through the backyard of the Jotunheimen National Park. You will naturally be instructed by a professional guide at all times, who will led you to awesome nature spots. The perfect winter getaway in Norway for those who enjoy a touch of adventure.

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09.00 a.m. Every day
  • Adult: From 2400 NOK
  • Child (6–14): From 1.850 NOK

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Tour Program


Discover, by the hand a profesional guide, one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Norway, at the very feet of the Jotunheimen and the Langsua National parks. 

Spend a full day in the mountains of Norway, and get an enviromentally friendly, exciting and new scope on Norwegian nature and winter in Norway.

Learn how to take care of "your" huskies and how to steer a team of sled dogs while being led by a profesional guide.

This tour will bring you close to the huskies, and give you a better understanding of the world of mushing and dog sledding. Interact with your "own" dogs and enroll to  work with them, as a team. They will reward you with passion and inconditional love.

Together with the guide, you´ll enroll on preparing a wilderness outdoors meal. There will be time for sharing good stories and asking anyting you ever wondered about dog sledding and huskies.


Tour Description

After meeting the dogs and being instructed on how to do, we load the equipment and prepare the teams for a full day mountain course with the huskies. As in any mountain adventure, the route will be dictated by the conditions of the day. Depending on the current weather- and snow conditions, we plan to cover 20-40 km of trail. You will learn to steer your own team of huskies and how to do on a mountain tour. 

Your guide will lead you all the way through and make plenty of stops to showcase some of the nature atractions in the area. You might even encounter wildlife along the way.  

Half way through, we settle down and set a small day camp with reindeer skins around an open fire. While the dogs gets a snack and take a nap in the snow, the guide will show you how to prepare a real  wilderness lunch. This is a good oportunity to ask the tour leader about anything you ever wondered about mushing, huskies and norwegian wilderness.

If you enjoy an active outdoors experience, you are willing to learn something new,  and the harshness of Norwegian winter doesn´t scare you, this full day guided husky tour is the right adventure for you. Loke and the rest of our friendly huskies will greet you in the dog yard.


We recommend

Top off the adventure with wilderness accommodation in our premises. 

Travelling from Oslo and back on the same day? Check instead our Husky Oslo Package Deal

Beitostølen is the perfect destination for a winter break, winter holidays or a romantic getaway in Norway. Contact us if you need any advice or recommendations on food & accommodation or other things to do in Beitostølen. 

What to bring


As for all winter activities, it´s important to dress appropriately to match the norwegian winter weather conditions. Since you´ll spend a full day in the mountains, bring an extra set of clothes on your backpack. 

Check out our advices on How to dress

Feel free to bring any extra snacks and refreshments for you. Please restrain from bringing any food /treats for the dogs.

Who can join


Previous experience not needed for joining this tour.

This tour is planned as a mountain course, and requires guests to be ready to take an active part, be cooperative and a disposition to learn. An average good physical condition and good balance is needed to join. 

Children are welcome to join this tour, accompanied by an adult. However the children´s age and their disposition for spending a whole day in the outdoors in the winter, should be taken in consideration before booking this tour. 

We don´t reccomend this tour for very small children. Check out our family friendly half day tour instead, for a family friendly tour alternative.

Pregnant women cannot participate on any dogsledding tour arranged by Beito Husky Tours.


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