How to arrive to our premises in Beito?

April, 24, 2018 | Travel in Norway

Unless anything else is agreed, we will meet you at our premises in Beito, aprox. 6 km from Beitostølen.

Road description:

From Beitostølen Centre, there goes a road down to Beito. You follow that road, until you come to a T-cross (after 2,5 km). In the cross, you turn left and drive 3,5 km until you come to a sign by the road which says ”ENJOY BEITO” . There is a big parking place right by the road, 15 meters from the big red barn. The guide will meet you by the sign at the agreed time. The dog yard is located further down the road towards the lake, and is not possible to see it from the road.

Please, don’t try to drive down to the dog yard with your own car!

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