What to do in Jotunheimen

April, 3, 2018 | Travel in Norway

Probably the most famous Norwegian National Park, a spectacular massive of high peaks, glaciers and deep valleys of such beauty that it is difficult to explain in words. It hosts 90% of the highest mountains in Norway, reaching 2000 m.a.s, including the highest: Galdhøpiggen (2469 m.a.s).

The Besseggen Mountain, also located in the Jotunheimen, is one of the top natural attractions in Norway! Most people take the boat "Gjendebåten" to the end of the Gjende Lake, and hike their way back. This landmark is only 34 kms away from us!

Jotunheimen: The Home of the Giants (norse mythology)

Jotunheimen is the homeland of well known creatures as the Trolls and Giants, according to Norse Mythology, the viking religion which inspired J.R.R Tolkien's famous trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Jotunheimen is situated in Midgard, the middle level of the Norse Universe, ruled by Trym, the feared king of the frost giants.

It's not of everyone's knowledge that here is where the famous polar explorer Roald Amundsen trained for his numerous polar expeditions!

If you want to follow Amundsen's steps, we invite you to join one of our several days adventure trips summer or winter! This experience will bring you to the heart of these mythological places.

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