Our Philosophy

March, 28, 2018 | Beito Husky TEAM

Our mission is to inspire you, excite you and engage you into our world. We want our guests to feel richer in friends & experiences when leaving us. We are truly passionate about what we do, and we will try to share that feeling with you! Visiting us, you won't feel as a part of a "mass tourism" attraction, but more as a friend.

Social Responsability


We are very aware of our social responsibility as a company. We are proud supporters of the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, the largest non-profit organization with more than 720 000 members. His aim is to save lives by improving air ambulance service throughout Norway. Many lives are spared every year thanks to the Norwegian Air Ambulance service.

Also, in 2012 Beito Husky Tours became official supporter of a National program for the prevention of bullying in Norwegian schools.


Respect for Nature and all living creatures, are important values to us. We wish to communicate and share those values, therefore is it very important that we take care of the resources we wish to convey, instead of consuming them.

A true ecotourism company has its grounds in the local society. We are a part of a very unique traditional Norwegian society, with important roots in agriculture and the sport of skiing.

We know how important those pillars are for our local society, and we try to support them as well as we can. We are proud to be supporters of the cross-country skiing association, that creates and maintain the skiing tracks which this region is known for.

There are no barriers!

Our principle is that anybody can participate and learn how to drive a dog team. We have a solution orientated mind, and see every challenge as an opportunity. Disability is not a barrier! 


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