Howling Huskies

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  • November - May
  • +- 3 hrs
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Howling huskies
Howling huskies - Beito husky Tours

Full Moon Guided Dog Sledding tour

Imagine standing behind a dog sledge as you ride across a frozen lake bathed in silvery moonlight. All you hear is your own breath and the howling huskies paying tribute to the Moon, as they should.

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28-31 Nov / 29-30 Des / 27-29 Jan / 26-28 Feb
  • Adult: From 1.750 NOK
  • Child (6–14): From 1.250 NOK

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Tour Program

This is your chance to join a truly special and exclusive full moon tour. The tour is only available during full moon periods, three days each month.

The tour starts with a visit to the dogyard. After instructions from the guide, you´ll participate in getting the huskies ready for the tour before standing behind your own dog sledge, ready to ride into the magical landscape.

With seasonal changes, the light conditions will varies from the early winter tours in complete darkness, to the spring tours in March.

Early winter tours, we´ll be sledding after sunset and you´ll get an experience of the winter darkness in Norway. This provides great conditions for star gazing and the guide will explain about the different constellations viewable in the sky. With some luck the great Aurora Borealis (northen lights) will present itself.

Later in the season, we´ll be sledding in the twlight and experience the light changes in the sky. We might experience "l´heure bleue"  the mystherious blue hour between sunset and darkness, so beautiful in the winter. This time of the day is also the best to witness the "mother of pearl" clouds. A very rare light phenomenon high in the stratosphere. 

During the tour we´ll stop on a quiet place and put up an open fire, cook coffee and share some snacks  along with good stories.

We can´t guarantee to see the full moon, star gazing or northern lights (it might be hidden behind clouds) but we can promise an evening to remember!

Availability on the tour is limited to a few participants per tour. Check out our online booking calender for available dates and book in forehand to secure the spots for winter 2018/19


We reccomend 

Would you like to spend a night under the stars? Click here for more info.


What to bring


As for all winter activities, it´s important to dress appropriately to match the norwegian winter weather conditions.
Check out our advices on How to dress

Feel free to bring any extra snacks and refreshments.

Who can join


Previous experience not needed for joining this tour.
To be able to steer your own sledge, all you need is an average physical condition.

Older children are welcome to join this tour accompanied by an adult. However, the child´s age an disposition to spend the evening outdoors should be taken in consideration before booking this tour.

Pregnant women cannot participate on any dogsledding tour arranged by Beito Husky Tours.


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