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Beito Husky Tours is one of the leading dog sledding companies in the market. With 8 years of experience, we are 100% professional when it comes to security. We have a manageable kennel with extremely friendly and happy huskies, who love to pull from the sledge.

Our concept is based on creating unique experiences every time. We are flexible and have the ability to adapt to our guests needs. We create "handmade" experiences instead of "mass tourism" products.

Our aim is not to be biggest, but we work for being the best at what we do!

Niklas Ulfstedt: The spirit

picture of niklas Ulfstedt

Niklas is the "alma mater" of Beito Husky Tours. He started the company together with Elisa in 2005.

Niklas is a professional educated guide with long experience working with guiding trips and expeditions, and logistics on the Arctic region of Svalbard. He has been practicing dog sledding for 15 years, what qualifies him as one of the best tour-dog sledding "mushers" in Norway.

He loves dog sledding and he is very committed to his dogs. As a guest, you will feel you are really taken good care of, when going on a trip with Niklas.


Picture of Elisa Sevilla

She takes care of most of the administration of the company, in addition to be in charge of the marketing.

Elisa is originally from Salamanca in Spain. She fell in love with dog sledding when she moved to Svalbard in 2002.

Feel free to contact her if you have any request, and she will come up with a good offer!


Our team

All Our guides are professional and highly competent in their field.

Among us we have experience in nature-based tourism from different corners of the world. Most of us have been working in the guiding industry for all of our adult life, bringing loads of knowledge and unique diversity to the company.

Everybody at Beito Husky Tours aim at the same target. To give YOU as a client the best possible experience.


Our dogs are fast runners with extreme endurance, and extremely friendly

At Beito Husky Tours we worship our dogs! These amazing animals are the true core of our company. Their love for life and the joy they find in hard work are truly infectious!

Arian, Lady, Lille My, Stinky, Kazan, Katla, Baloosha… Well all of them. An individual introduction of their unique skills, even though well deserved, would be too long.

The Alaskan Huskies is a mixbreed polar dog. This type of dog holds unique working skills and endurance. They are fast runners with extreme endurance, but most important, extremely friendly. At Beito Husky Tours we put a lot of effort into each dog to make them extra social and friendly.

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