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In these pages you will find a lot of interesting information about this area: the Jotunheimen & Langsua National Parks, the region of Valdres and the town of Beitostølen.

We help you arranging an unforgettable holiday, including accommodation in the area and transportation. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about any of our products or you wish to discuss a customized experience.

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Beito Husky Tours contact information

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From Oslo to Beito!

We recommend you the bus as it´s the most ecologically responsible mean of transport. There are several departures every day from Oslo central station to Beitostølen. The bus trip is an experience on itself. You pass through the beautiful valley of Begnadalen and the region of Valdres. Book a trip with day light!

You can check out the schedule here.

From the world to Beito!

From Oslo Gardermoen there´re busses and train into Oslo City where you can find the bus to Beito.

Winter 2016/17, there´s also a direct bus route from OSLO GARDERMOEN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to Beitostølen. There are busses every Friday and Sunday at 17:15. And busses back to Oslo Airport from Beitostølen at 10:45 every Friday and Sunday.

From Beito to Bergen, Flåm and the Fjords

Are you on a round trip in Norway or do you want to see as much as possible? From Beitostølen, you can easily travel forward towards BERGEN, FLÅM and the FJORDS on the west. Contact us for more information and we´ll be happy to help you with your plans!


  • From Oslo to Beito: 225 km
  • From Fagernes to Beito: 38 km
  • From Besseggen to Beito: 34 km
  • From Bergen to Beito: 323 km
  • From Lillehammer to Beito: 148 km
  • From Geilo to Beito: 137 km
  • From Geiranger fjord to Beito (summer road): 369 km
  • From Lærdal (Sogne fjord) to Beito: 118 km
  • From Ålesund to Beito: 387 km

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