In the middle of Snowhere

October, 21, 2019 | Our favourite adventures

The Jotunheimen national Park is now accessible for everybody, even without skies!

Winter/Spring 2020 we´re so proud to participate in arranging this unique winter adventure in the heart of the norwegian Mountains and Fjords.

A guided experience that will give you the chance to discover some of the hidden gems in the Jotunheimen National Park. If you add the oportunity to explore the Fjords wintertime, the combination is irresistible!


- Discover the magnificent Jotunheimen while being pulled by a team of happy huskies!

- Snowshoeing to some of the nice tops in the area, to get the breathtaking view.

- Stay at the historical mountain lodges of Bygdin Høifjellstotel and Fondsbu.

- Visit Filefjell and snowshoe hike the award winning "King´s Road" mountain pass.

- Try beer tasting in Årdal.

- Cultural visit to the historical sites of  "Borgund" Stave church, Lærdalsøyri (unique wooden town)

- Enviromentally friendly winter Fjord Cruise in the Nærøyfjord, by all electric vessel.

Planned departures:

25th March- 1st April

1st-8th April

8th-15th April

Due to the advanced logistics that requires arranging a tour like this, there´s only limited spots on each departure.

Bellow you can see the detailed plan for the tour. We´re comited to create a unique experience that combines the thrill of snow activities (without neccessarily using skies), the charm of the norwegian Fjords and an unique historical and cultural frame.

Feel free to contact us if you have special requests or you would like to customize the program!


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