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HOWLING HUSKIES - Full Moon Dog sledding Tour-

Imagine standing behind a dog sledge as you ride through a magical landscape, bathed in silvery moonlight. All you hear is your own breath and the howling huskies paying tribute to the Moon, as they should.

This is an exclusive tour, only available in Full Moon periods. As we want this tour to be quiet and peaceful, availability is limited to a few participants per tour. 

The tour is planed as a hands-on experience where you´ll participate in the whole process, from making the dogs ready, to actulally driving your own team of huskies. During the tour we´ll stop on a quiet place and put up a nice open fire, cook coffee and share some snacks  along with good stories.

We can´t of course guarantee the full moon (it might be covered behind the clouds) but we can promise you an evening to remember!

Check our online booking calender for availability!


Optional: Would you like to spend the night tenting under the stars? Let us know and we can make it happen!


Prices & conditions

  • Duration: +- 3 hrs
  • Prices NOK: From NOK 1.700,- adult / 1.200,- children (7-14)
  • Departures: 2-4 Dec (Supermoon); 1-3 Jan (Supermoon); 30 jan-1 feb; 1-3 Mar; 30-31 Mar; 30 abr-2 may
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