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We are proud to be a small family run business. We are Beitostølens' friendly and personal activity company who specializes on small groups so that we can provide the best experiences for our guests.

We are one of the most central located dog sledding companies in the country, located only a short drive or flight away from Oslo, enroute to Bergen and the fjords in the west.

We have a high "value for money" policy and are reasonably priced compared to other similar companies in Scandinavia.

Our mission

dog sledding

Our mission is to inspire you, excite you and engage you into our world. We want our guests to feel richer in friends & experiences when leaving us. We are truly passionate about what we do, and we will try to share that feeling with you! Visiting us, you won't feel as a part of a "mass tourism" attraction, but more as a friend.

Our guides have extensive work experience from different parts of the world and are mature, knowledgeable people. We speak mainly English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German and Spanish.

We are interested in finding serious, reliable partners. If your company share the same values as we do, we would be happy to co-work with you. Contact us for more detailed information about our different products, prices and commission rates.

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