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Perfect package deal for you who would like to add a genuine nature experience to your urban Oslo tour. Visit the home of our 50 huskies in the heart of Norway. Join us on a dog sledding on wheels tour and learn how to steer your own team of huskies.

The Husky Safari is aprox 2,5 hours in total,  and elapses at the feet of the most famous National Park in Norway: The Jotunheimen, home of the Trolls!

Discover beautiful Norwegian landscapes and the region of Valdres from the bus from Oslo to Beitostølen.

Closer than you think! Only a 3 hrs ride by car, (3,5 by bus) from Oslo.

Price includes: Bus tour/retour Oslo- Beitostølen, visit to the Husky Farm, Husky Safari as described on our homepage (2,5 hrs in total), delicious wilderness dinner that we prepare outdoors & all transfers.

Daily departures from Oslo Bus Terminal in the morning. Back in Oslo approx. 21:45


Alternative 1: Puppy Training

If you, as us, love huskies, you might want to consider this alternative. Instead of a Husky Safari (dog sledding on wheels) you can join us training, cuddling, hugging and spending the day with our puppies. Let us know if you think this might be a better alternative for you.  


Stay longer? This package is designed to make it possible for you to get back to Oslo the same day. However, we reccomend you to stay overnight in the area for a day or two to get most out of your visit to this region. Beitostølen has a variaty of outdoor activities and nature experiences to offer. If you´re up to an exclusive and  exotic experience, we suggest our Wilderness Accommodation Experience


Travelling to Bergen and the Fjords? We´re conveniently located between Oslo, on the southeast and Bergen and the Fjords, on the west. If you´re planning to visit the western regions, stay overnight in the area and continue to Bergen or Flåm the following day. 


Prices & conditions

  • Duration: +/- 12 hrs
  • Prices NOK: Adult 1.850, - / ≤13 yrs 1.400, -
  • Departures: Daily departures
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