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Summer in the Norwegian mountains is as astonishing beautiful as it's short. Waterfalls, lakes, high mountains and glaciers creates a truly magical landscape, full of contrasts. Many wild animals have their home here and are often to be seen in our tours: reindeers, moose, fox, lynx, wolverine, ptarmigan, Capercailli, Hen Harrier and many more exciting species.

Join on a Husky-sherpa Hikes, canoe tours, fishing tours and our newest Pack-Raft Adventure Tours. Many of our tours will bring you to the heart of the mythical Jotunheimen National Park and the Langsua National Park (the newest in Norwegian National Parks' family!).

Thanks to mild summer temperatures, we have the possibility to arrange summer dog sledding tours with our custom built Husky- Carts!

If the cold temperatures and the rigors of Winter is not for you, this time of the year is perfect for enjoying an equally exciting adventure experience in Norway!

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