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Our kennel & installations are located 6 kms from Beitostølen, a traditional Norwegian mountain village, known for its 300kms of cross-country skiing tracks, as well as a downhill skiing resort.

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Beitostølen is the perfect place for an active holiday, any time of the year. There are all sorts of high quality activities, besides dog sledding and skiing. Riding, canoeing, snowrafting or fishing are just some of them.

The whole area is situated between two of the National Parks in Norway: Jotunheimen and Langsua.

Jotunheimen: The home of the Giants (Norse mythology)

picture of Bitihorn, Beitostolen

Probably the most famous Norwegian National Park, a spectacular massive of high peaks, glaciers and deep valleys of such beauty that it is difficult to explain in words. It hosts 90% of the highest mountains in Norway, reaching 2000 m.a.s, including the highest: Galdhøpiggen (2469 m.a.s)

Jotunheimen is the homeland of well known creatures as the Trolls and Giants, according to Norse Mythology, the viking religion which inspired J.R.R Tolkien's famous trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Jotunheimen is situated in Midgard, the middle level of the Norse Universe, ruled by Trym, the feared king of the frost giants.

It's not of everyone's knowledge that here is where the famous polar explorer Roald Amundsen trained for his numerous polar expeditions!

If you want to follow Amundsen's steps, we invite you to join one of our several days adventure trips summer or winter! This experience will bring you to the heart of these mythological places.

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Langsua: A living Norwegian National Park

Reinsdeer in Langsua

Langsua was declared National Park in 2012, and is the newest member of the Norwegian National Parks family! It hosts a variety of Norwegian fauna and flora, and open wide Norwegian plains. A real paradise for dog sledding! Reindeer, fox, lynx, moose & wolverines are common inhabitants in this area. Ornithologists are especially interested in Langsua, where some very rare bird species live there during the summer months.

Ancient Norwegian traditions have roots in Langsua. Many farmers still have their pastures in the National Park where they bring their cattle for summer grazing. That's why we refer to Langsua as "a living National Park".

Did you know that Norway is probably the last country in Europe which preserves this way of traditional farming culture on a regular basis? Most of our day trips and adventure trips will bring you into this beautiful, living National Park.

Valdres: Culture & Tradition

picture of National Rakfisk Festival in Fagernes

The Norwegian region of Valdres is known for its ancient food & culture traditions. Valdres is the crib of for many Norwegian food traditions such as the "flat bread" and the "Rakfisk". One of Norwegian's contributions to the culinary world, is the many different ways of preserving fish. Rakfisk is probably the oddest one. It consists in trout that is been salted and fermented for a long time. This process gives a sour and very special taste to the fish. Every year Norwegians celebrate a festival exclusively dedicated to their "Rakfisk" in the town of Fagernes (38 km from Beito). The Festival is one of the most visited in Norway, receiving an average of 25.000 people every year!

Valdres hosts several famous stave churches, wooden churches built in the Middle Ages. Most of the stave churches have disappeared throughout the years. But still a few of them are preserved. Closest to Beito, you find the "Heggenes" stave church. (15 km). There are many others in the region!

You can read more about Valdres, stave churches and other curiosities in www.valdres.com.

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picture of besseggen

The Besseggen Mountain, also located in the Jotunheimen, is one of the top natural attractions in Norway! Most people take the boat "Gjendebåten" to the end of the Gjende Lake, and hike their way back. This landmark is only 34 kms away from us!

Sognefjord is the longest Fjord in Norway. Located approximately 120 kms from here is a perfect getaway for a day! On the way there are several landmarks such us Borgund Stave church and the old town of Lærdal with its emblematic old house quarter. The Wild Salmon Museum is also worth a visit. Here is also located Europes longest road tunnel, the Tunnel of Lærdal (24 509 kms).

The city of Lillehammer is known for have hosted the 1994 winter Olympic Games, and it's definitely worth a visit.

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